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1 Year Mentorship

My students are able to leave their 9-5 and trade fulltime. With trading it only requires 1-2 trades per week which takes just a few minutes. You can live wherever you want and make as much money as you wish, there are no limits

We meet once per week either in a group setting or one on one (private mentorship) for about an hour. In these live and also recorded sessions I will teach you my working trading strategy that applies to all market conditions. I'm confident if you apply yourself within 2 months you can start to profit and make serious money. You will only be successful if you are passionate and truly apply yourself.

What the Mentorship Includes and Entails:

  • One Year Long Mentorship

  • 52 sessions

  • Class every week

  • All questions answered

  • I will guide you personally even if you choose the group session

  • I will tell you what trades to take

  • I will teach you everything I know

  • I will personally ensure your success

  • lifetime access to Algosniper trading indicator

  • lifetime access to my trading courses

  • We meet once per week on Thursdays 3pm EST

  • All sessions are live and recorded

  • and much more!

If you are truly interested and want to hop on a call email me at

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